Cincy Council gamblers: 'There will be no chili in Philly!'

Cincinnati City Council President Cecil Thomas, left, and fellow Council member Wendell Young, right, take on Philadelphia City Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. in a friendly baseball fight.

Prepare for some trash talking in the Mayor's Box at Citizens Bank Park tonight, because City Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. had the audacity to share two tickets with his rivals on Cincinnati City Council.

Jones, as has been his custom since he arrived in Council in 2008, was first to lay down a bet with Phillies' playoff rivals, putting up a cheesesteak, soft pretzel and hot dog against Cincy's Cincinnati famous Grater’s Ice Cream, Gold Star Chili and a “Met” hot sausage from Cincinnati.

Cincy Council President Pro Tem Cecil Thomas and Council member Wendell Young visited Jones at City Hall today and took a trip to City Hall tower, from which they will be expected to jump when the Phillies sweep the Reds in 3.

"There will be no chili in the city of Philly!" pronounced Thomas, a former police officer.

"They've made a mistake," retorted Jones, showing now fear of having to cough up one of Philly's signature sandwiches. "There will be no steak."

They will attend the game with Jones in the Mayor's box, along with 15 students from West Philadelphia High School. (It was previously reported that West Philly High took all 18 seats in the Mayor's box, but the school only requested 15 for the students who participated in the Hybrid X national project to develop ideas on how to build a new sustainable power grid for the country.)