Campaign shenanigans in Packer Park

Well, here it is. The first official anonymous and venomous flyer of the 2011 campaign season.

Or the first one to reach us, anyway.

"The one thing I know about this flyer is I had nothing to do with it. If I had time to find out what moron did, I would," said Barbara Capozzi, one of four candidates vying for the 2nd District City Council seat being vacated by retiring Council President Anna C. Verna.

The flyer - you can view it here - includes photographs of Capozzi's three rivals. All of them are African American. Capozzi is Caucasian.

"None of these people live in Packer Park, but they want to represent YOU!!" say the words above the pictures of Kenyatta Johnson, Tracey Gordon and Damon Roberts. "Do YOU trust they have YOUR best interests at heart?"

Then it encourages people to support Capozzi. It also states at the bottom that her campaign is not affiliated with the flyer, nor did it pay for it.

Packer Park is a community near the stadiums in South Philadelphia, and its residents are mostly white.

"This is why decent and respectable people don't run for office. ... The pressure, the nonsense and the threats," Capozzi said. "Who did it? I have no idea. Why they did it? Certainly not to help me. It is counterintuitive."

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