Big Post-Election Day Crowd at The Palm

For a relativley quiet Election Day, it was a noisy afternoon today at The Palm.

In one corner sat the Republicans, including losing District Attorney candidate Michael Untermeyer. No doubt, though, that the others with him - city GOP leader Michael Meehan, Republican City Committee chairman Vito Canuso, state Reps. John Taylor and George Kenney, and Philadelphia Parking Authority executive director and ward leader Vince Fenerty - were juiced by big GOP gubernatorial wins in New Jersey and Virginia, as well as for Pennsylvania's open Supreme Court spot. State Rep. John Perzel also stopped in.

Dining in another corner - literally - were members of electricians' union Local 98. It was a true building trades moment, with applause breaking out sporadically as they celebrated victories as well, and hoped to be celebrating yet another one with an anticipated win by state Superior Court candidate Anne Lazarus. At last count, Lazarus was said to be up about 1,500 votes. Besides Lazarus, others seated in the Local 98 section included Building Trades Council President Pat Gillespie, Local 98 business manager John Dougherty, new Municipal Court Judge-to-be Joe Waters and City Councilman Bill Green.

To be sure, a number of other former and current politicos were scattered throughout the Center City restaurant, which has served for years as a traditional gathering spot for post-election gossiping. ("Did turnout reach 13 percent yet?") Seated at a separate Palm table, for instance, were former state House Speaker Bob O'Donnell and his wife, Donna Gentile O'Donnell, and lobbyist Nick Maiale.

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