Battle in Sixth Heats Up

The two-way primary race for council in the Sixth District has been heating up in the past week or so, with lots of back-and-forth on the issue of DROP, the pension program for city workers that many voters believe elected officials have abused.

Here's Sunday's Heard in the Hall column, with much of the background.

Today, candidate Marty Bednarek fired off a letter to his opponent (and supplied it to the media) in response to a Bobby Henon mailing.

In essence, the Henon camp is equating Bednarek's wish to end the DROP program with "slamming" police and firefighters. "You can't have it both ways," said Henon campaign manager Josh Morrow. "You can't take out full-page ads and say you oppose DROP and then cry foul."

Henon, obviously, has the backing of police and fire unions.

Bednarek asks for a public retraction in his letter.

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