Another mayoral candidate?


And now we bring to you yet another candidate for Mayor of Philadelphia.

Juan Rodriguez was not happy last month when he was knocked off the Democratic ballot for the Seventh Councilmanic seat. Now he's back, and running as a write-in for mayor in the May 17 primary.

Promising to build recreation centers, clean out abandoned properties and build affordable housing, Rodriguez will announce his candidacy "to the community" at the corner of Lawrence & Lehigh in North Philadelphia at Noon on Saturday.

"I'm looking forward to this challenge and plan to serve all communities in Philadelphia to have safer streets, clean parks for all the children and seniors to enjoy," Rodriguez said in an email.

So move over Milton Street, Nutter's Democratic primary opponent; former Mayor John F. Street, a possible independent candidate in November; Republicans John Featherman and Karen Brown; and write-in Queena Bass.

It's "The People vs. the City" -- J-Rod for Mayor!

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