A message from the Controller of the City of Philadelphia

Is that envelope from "Alan Butkovitz, Controller, City of Philadelphia" lying on your table a notice that you're somehow being audited by the city's fiscal watchdog? Relax, it's just  a campaign letter from Butkovitz.

You wouldn't necessarily know that from the envelope's outside, with Butkovitz's name and official title where a return address should be. A disclaimer reading "Not printed at government expense" does offer a clue that the controller's office didn't pay for it.

Butkovitz's stationary looks pretty official too, though he certainly follows the campaign law by noting that it is paid for by his committee. The letter contains a recitation of his accomplishments plus a defense against attacks by Brett Mandel, who is opposing him in the Democratic primary along with John Braxton.

"It doesn’t purport to be an offical correspondence," Butkovitz said. Of the official title on the envelope, Butkovitz wryly noted: "That’s true. I am the city controller."

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