311 takes record number of calls

Rosetta Lue, coordinator for the city’s 311 call center, said the more than 7,100 calls taken between 7 a.m. and Noon on Thursday were the highest call volume ever.

Of those calls, 50 percent were regarding the Streets Department, mostly requests for plowing or salting.


Here’s the breakdown for the rest of the calls, and the areas the inquiries related to:


10 percent: Court-related, mostly jurors calling in with questions.

10 percent: Downed trees

3 percent: Peco

3 percent: Septa

3 percent: Federal government

2 percent: Emergency calls directed to 911

2 percent: Licenses and inspections (lack of heat, landlord complaints)

2 percent: Parking Authority

2 percent: Managing Director’s Office

2 percent: City employee inquiries

11 percent: Miscellaneous (DHS, probation, Health Dept., etc.)


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