Fumo ally: Got a job for me?

To outsiders, it seemed like work was easy to get if you were a friend of Vince Fumo. The powerful state senator always had his hands inside one project or another.

But with Fumo's criminal indictment, it appears some of those doors have closed.

Just ask Howard Cain.

A longtime political adviser to Fumo, Cain is working on putting his life back together one month after pleading guilty to tax evasion - and after agreeing to testify as a witness in Fumo's upcoming corruption trial.

"In the past few months, I have endured a number of professional and personal set backs," Cain wrote some three dozen people in an early morning email today that was obtained by The Inquirer. "I am attempting to reestablish my consulting practice so that I can move forward."

"My expertise," said Cain, who built a reputation as an effective and influential consultant, "is in analyzing a situation, then defining its component parts and then designing a solution which utilizes the assets on hand to overcome the immediate deficiencies. Now I am attempting to do the same thing for myself."

He continued: "That is why I am asking you to simply let me know of any potential opportunities for services. This word of mouth approach has served me well in the past and I am hoping that it will once again prove fruitful."