O'Brien backs Clarke for Council presidency

The race for president of Philadelphia's City Council just got a little narrower.

State Rep. Dennis O'Brien, who won a GOP at-large Council seat Tuesday, said Wednesday he will back Councilman Darrell Clarke for president of that body.

O'Brien said he sided with Clarke over his primary rival for the presidency, Councilwoman Marian B. Tasco, because he felt they could work together on key issues. O'Brien is a key advocate for children with disabilities, and he said Clarke had promised he, too, would work to help them.

"I just feel there are wonderful opportunities for cooperation," O'Brien said.

Both men also are connected to electricians' union leader John Dougherty, who is backing Clarke for Council president. A Dougherty-linked political action committee gave O'Brien $10,000 in the last weeks of his campaign.

Mayor Nutter supports Tasco, but doesn't get a vote. Only Council members do.




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