The judicial sweepstakes

Anne Marie Coyle, one of three dozen Democratic candidates for Common Pleas Court, is the big winner of this week’s judicial sweepstakes. A drawing at the Department of State in Harrisburg gave her the top ballot position for the May 21 primary election, usually a major factor in securing a seat on the bench.

Tracy B. Roman drew the top position among 20 Democratic candidates for Municipal Court, as well as the #2 position for Common Pleas Court.

Here are the full lists, in order of ballot position:

Common Pleas Court (6 vacancies):  Anne Marie Coyle, Tracy B. Roman, Vince Giusini, Timika Lane, Sierra Thomas Street, Joe Fernandes, Daniel D. McCaffery, Giovanni Campbell, Katie Scrivner, John J. O’Connor Jr., Dawn M. Tancredi, Kenneth J. Powell Jr., Frank Bennett, Rania Major, Henry Lewandowski, Vincent N. Melchiorre, Martin Coleman, Robert M. Kline, Deborah D. Cianfrani, Leon A. King II, Roger Gordon, Derrick W. Coker, Abbe Fletman, Conor Corcoran, Paul Gambone, Fran Shields,  James C. Crumlish, Jon Marshall, Daine A. Grey Jr., Michael Fanning, Shoshana Bricklin, J. Scott O’Keefe, Sean P. Stevens, Stephanie M. Sawyer, Christine Hope.

Municipal Court (3 vacancies): Tracy B. Roman, Martin Coleman, Henry Lewandowski, John J. O’Connor Jr., Shoshana Bricklin, Robert M. Kline, Frank Bennett, Fran Shields, Sierra Thomas Street, Joe Fernandes, Kenneth J. Powell Jr., Chris Mallios, Michael Fanning, Derrick W. Coker, Daine A. Grey Jr., J. Scott O’Keefe, Christine Hope, Conor Corcoran, Mia Tinari, Vince Giusini.