Saturday, August 30, 2014
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Ramsey enthusiastic about Obama gun proposals

Philadelphia's police commissioner says background checks for all gun purchasers are the most important recommendation to stem gun violence in the city.

Ramsey enthusiastic about Obama gun proposals

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey was one of the law enforcement authorities who advised the Obama administration on steps the federal government can take to stem gun violence. Ramsey says the President adopted virtually all of the recommendations from a meeting between VP Joe Biden and law enforcement professionals ­– the one exception, a proposal for a national commission to take a broad look at crime in the 21st century.

Of all that Obama proposed, what’s most important to Philadelphia?

 Background checks for everyone trying to buy a gun, according to the police commissioner.

  “Universal background checks are essential, there’s no question about that,” Ramsey said in an interview Thursday with reporters from The Inquirer and KYW NewsRadio.  “It doesn’t matter whether it’s a gun show, if it’s a private sale, if it’s through a dealer, everyone needs to be background-checked. That’s gonna have a huge impact, I believe.”

Check Friday’s Inquirer for more excerpts from the Ramsey interview.

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