Pritchett & the Dean Search

Senior mayoral policy advisor Wendell Pritchett told Heard in the Hall today that he dropped out of the Temple Law dean search before the school settled on someone else for the job. He was not passed over, as incorrectly reported on this blog last week. Heard in the Hall regrets the error.

Pritchett, who was one of three finalists for the job before he removed himself from consideration, said there were two reasons he took his name out of the hat.

"One was what I was doing with the mayor was pretty important. Two it was clear they had a pretty good situation over there and it made sense for them to go with JoAnne," Pritchett said.

He was referring to JoAnne Epps, an internal candidate who was the favorite for the job all along.

Pritchett said he applied for the Temple post before Nutter offered him a job in the new administration. Currently on leave from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, Pritchett said he remains interested in a deanship down the road.