Council wants speedier Internet

City Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. probably spoke for several of his colleagues when he voiced considerable frustration this morning at the slow Internet access and outdated computer equipment that is found in Council offices.

"Let me put it this way," Jones told interim Chief Technology Officer Thomas T. Jones during a lengthy budget hearing on Jones' office budget request. "My 8-year-old granddaughter can get on the Internet faster." The councilman also said something about his office's Dell computers having probably been used by Fred Flintstone as well.

Council members can hardly be blamed for their frustrations. After all, legislative bodies in other cities even have laptops at their desks to use while in session. Forget that here.

But it's hard to blame Thomas Jones also. He's only been the interim guy for the last two months. Nutter officials are searching for a permanent replacement to succeed Allan Frank, a top administration hire whose announcement last winter that he was leaving took many by surprise.

Thomas Jones said he did expect to get Council its own computer server in the next 60 days.

That somewhat placated Councilman Jones - but not entirely. "I'm pretty sure," he said, "if I introduced legislation tomorrow to get money from your budget to solve our problem, I can get nine votes."


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