Do your research before buying children's products

Last year, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled my KidCo Peapod bed because of the risk of suffocation. The CPSC reported that an infant could roll off the edge of the inflatable air mattress and become entrapped between the mattress and the fabric sides of the tent. I cringed when I heard this since my oldest, Mila, had slept in the tent on trips before, and I had offered it to a friend with a newborn looking for a travel bed.

The Peapod bed was one of 97 children’s product recalls last year, the lowest number since 2004, according to an annual report from Kids In Danger last month.

However, the report found the numbers of incidents (up 49 percent), injuries (up 42 percent) and deaths (up 200 percent) associated with those products rose dramatically from 2011. There were 2,525 incidents reported prior to recall of 97 children‘s products. Almost 40 percent of the recalls involved injuries before the recall took place, a total of 232 injuries.

Additional findings of the Kids In Danger report:

KID recommends that parents:

  • Check the products used with their children at for recalls and injury reports and sign up for safety updates at
  • Access KID’s website on a mobile device to search for recall information while shopping or considering a second-hand product.
  • Report problems with a product both to the manufacturer and to CPSC at

As for my Peapod bed, I now have a repair kit which has a thinner air mattress and braces to strengthen the sides of the tent. Reading the KID report has made me realize that I need to do some homework when buying for my kids.