Why Pfizer brought back a heart drug from the dead and a BRIC update

Over the recent hurricane weekend, Pfizer presented results of a study that tested its drug Inspra (eplerenone) among heart failure (HF) patients... Read more

Pharmaceutical gray market thrives along with national drug shortage

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The national prescription drug shortage I wrote about last year has advanced to a point where there’s now rationing of some drugs, and... Read more

A Hidden Benefit of Health Reform – Insurance You Can Understand

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I try to follow health policy pretty closely, but some aspects of the health care system remain mysterious. For example, I don’t fully... Read more

Similarities Between Pharma's Finance Managers and the Tea Party

Over the past ten years pharma has lost $1 trillion of capitalization. The industry's current doldrums result from an inadequate number of... Read more

How medicines in creams, ointments and sprays can harm you

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When applied, the medicines that come in creams, ointments, gels, sprays, lotions and patches will enter your body by penetrating through the... Read more

Obamacare Loses in Court, or Does It?

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The health reform law suffered a significant defeat in court last week. A federal appeals court in Atlanta ruled that its mandate requiring... Read more

How to Select Which Drugs to Develop?

An earlier post mentioned the singular importance of product equity reviews that every branded drug company performs annually. Stated plainly... Read more

PhRMA Seeks to Repeal Rule on Testing Drug Names for Safety

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If the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) has its way, a federal regulation crucial to drug safety will be repealed... Read more