Live free or die uninsured

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New Hampshire’s oft-quoted motto may soon take on a new meaning. Last week, the legislature took the first steps to help residents live... Read more

When doctors - not pharmacists - dispense meds

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There’s a bit of a trend in the last few years for more and more doctors to dispense medications directly to patients rather than send... Read more

I wake up twice a night because I have to urinate. Should I receive treatment or is this normal for a particular age?

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Alan Wein, M.D., is chief of the division of urology at Penn Medicine and co-director of the urologic oncology and incontinence programs at... Read more

Health reform? It's been to court before

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When it comes to health policy, it’s déjà vu all over again – and again. Did you hear that state attorneys general... Read more

The FDA continues to play a vital role

Last year, as reauthorizing legislation for the Food and Drug Administration was nearing ratification, the Obama administration urged the agency... Read more

Prevention of eyedrop-related eye infections

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An FDA advisory committee met this past week to discuss labeling of anti-inflammatory eye drops used after cataract or other eye surgeries... Read more

Using a cannon to swat a health insurance fly

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When is health insurance not really health insurance? It is when your insurance company or employer can refuse to cover anything it feels like... Read more