Check Up Archive: February, 2012

Common nausea drug can cause serious movement disorder

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A commonly used drug for stomach disorders can cause irreversible neurological damage in the brain, but many doctors seem to be disregarding... Read more

Effort to opt out of Medicare would have jeopardized system

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Americans, it seems, love Medicare. Elderly beneficiaries give the program the highest approval ratings of any insurance plan in America. According... Read more

Why 'Moneyball' is no panacea for pharma

One of the movies that will receive attention and possibly some awards on Oscar night is Moneyball, based on the true story of baseball's Oakland... Read more

“Denursifying” of schools puts children at added risk of medication errors

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According to the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, the layoff of 47 school nurses in December has led to medications being handed out to... Read more

For health reform, constitutionality is not a matter of all or nothing

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The Supreme Court will decide in a few months whether health reform is constitutional. If the decision is no, where does that leave “Obamacare”?... Read more

The meaning of hospitals buying cardiology practices

Last week The Inquirer's Stacey Burling wrote about the large number of cardiologists who are selling their practices to hospital networks... Read more