Health Policy’s Five Biggest Accomplishments of 2011

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Last week, I presented my candidates for the five worst health policy ideas of 2011. Fortunately, the year also saw several positive developments... Read more

New acetaminophen for infants creating problems

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When a child dies, the family’s anguish is palpable and may touch us close to home, especially if we have children. A few years ago,... Read more

Health Policy’s Five Worst Ideas of 2011

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It’s the time of year for countdown lists, and I’ve compiled mine for health policy. This week, my candidates for the five worst... Read more

How Pharma is Subservient to Numbers

Educators use the term "innumeracy" when they discuss the fact that American schoolchildren achieve lower scores on math exams than their counterparts... Read more

What happens when a 2-year-old swallows a diet pill

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I remember it like it was yesterday. My wife and I were with some friends and family at our shore house in Ventnor when we decided to go out... Read more

Panel Examines Health-Care Reform

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Some 20 months after the historic passage of the federal Affordable Care Act, where are we? A panel of experts gathered at The Inquirer on... Read more

Young Adults are Early Winners Under Health Reform

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Health reform already has one clear group of winners. Two and half million young adults have been able to go back on their parents’ insurance... Read more

Pharma Better Off Ignoring Some Biz-School Gurus

When Roche CEO Severin Schwan spoke at a London conference last week about the industry's "perfect storm," his comments contained no news or... Read more