Pennsylvania Patients Will Soon Get to See Their Own Lab Results

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How soon do you want to know the results when your doctor orders blood work? In all but 13 states, you can get them straight from the lab.... Read more

Children's Hospital is Closing its McDonald's Restaurant

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The McDonald’s Restaurant in Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia will close at midnight Monday after 34 years, but it’s not... Read more

New Health Center Proposed for Lower Northeast

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Efforts that could lead to the biggest expansion in Philadelphia’s city health centers in a half-century took a key step forward Thursday... Read more

Health Care Services -- Not the Kinds of Jobs the U.S. Needs

America's health care system now accounts for approximately 18% of the country's GDP and the pharmaceutical industry is an integral part of... Read more

Potential confusion between Plavix and Pradaxa

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Our sister organization, ISMP Canada, has received a number of medication error reports related to mix-ups between the brand names Plavix (clopidogrel)... Read more

What’s to Blame for High Health Care Costs?

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You can’t blame Obamacare for this one. During the decade before it was enacted, health care costs rose so quickly in the United States... Read more

Molecular-Based Therapies No Panacea for Ailing Pharma

Last week the FDA approved Xalkori (crizotinib), a new product from Pfizer, to treat a rare type of late-stage lung cancer among people who... Read more

Crushing certain pills to ease swallowing can prove dangerous

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One of the most common questions consumers ask in regards to medications is whether or not a certain pill can be chewed or crushed. Queries... Read more