Check Up Archive: August, 2011

We May not Realize it, but Health Care is a Jobs Engine

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Here’s some good economic news for a change. One sector of our economy keeps pumping out jobs. You may have guessed, it’s health... Read more

Report on Poverty Helps Explain Philadelphia’s High HIV Rate as City Gives Out Its Millionth Condom

Four months after introducing its custom-labeled Freedom Condom, the Philadelphia Department of Public Health has distributed more than one... Read more

Music, good for the soul, can help with deal with cancer, too

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Music, we can pretty much all agree, is a good thing. New research suggests that it can benefit cancer patients, too. A review of 30 previous... Read more

Why Health Care Actually Prolongs the Recession

For over a century, the Wall Street Journal's editorial and op-ed sections have been upscale, print versions of what is now its notorious,... Read more

Pill Description on Pharmacy Label Adds Measure of Safety

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Most pharmacies in our area provide an important patient safety tool right on their prescription labels: a description of the shape, color... Read more

The Debt Deal Still Avoids Real Health Care Cost Control

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All sides in the federal debt debate actually agree on one key point. Health care costs present the greatest long-term budget threat. The... Read more

A Secure Method of Profit-Making Often Prevents Innovation

As baseball and swimming are two of my favorite summer diversions, I spent some poolside time last weekend browsing David Surdam's new book... Read more

Series of Industry Moves Can Only Increase Safe Use of Acetaminophen

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In case you missed it, Johnson & Johnson's McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division announced Thursday that it’s reducing the maximum... Read more