Politics Drives the Rush for Supreme Court Review of Health Reform

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The Constitution’s commerce clause is 224 years old. It gives Congress its most important source of authority to regulate business. Over... Read more

The down side of anti-depressants

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Evolutionary psychologist Paul Andrews has an unusual take on depression and anti-depressants. Andrews, an assistant professor at McMaster... Read more

What Pharma is Reading These Days - Part 2

Pharma is a diverse industry with hundreds of occupations and its own social structure. For that reason, people who work there pay attention... Read more

Penn raises $10 million for 'orphan' disease effort

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Donations totaling $10 million, mostly from a single anonymous donor, will allow the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine... Read more

To Cut Hospital Costs and Improve Patient Health ... a Nudge

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It took more than a week for doctors and nurses to get Pierre Trombert's congestive heart failure under control and send him home from Thomas... Read more

FDA acts on pair of commonly confused drug names

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The Food and Drug Administration recently alerted the public about reports of mix-ups between risperidone (Risperdal) and ropinirole (Requip)... Read more

Who Will Pay for Medicare Cuts? Possibly You and I

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Any deal to tame the federal deficit will have to cut Medicare. Its costs keep growing like weeds in summer. Eventually, it could eat up more... Read more

What Pharma is Reading These Days - Part 1

Last week a small, unscientific sample of people working in pharma responded to our questions about which industry stories they've been following... Read more