Pharma, Free Markets and Free Speech Go Together Like Oysters and Buses

Free market. The term is one of those oxymorons that are self-contradictory in both logic and fact. While its advocates claim that a market... Read more

When a computer isn't enough: Why patients need to doublecheck a doctor’s electronic prescription

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The good news from our standpoint as a medication safety organization is that prescriptions that are handwritten are quickly becoming a thing... Read more

American-Style Health Care is a Dirty Word in England

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The leader of a great democracy wants to make his mark by reforming health care. He fears that if left untouched, the system could become so... Read more

What Are ACOs - and What Can They Mean for Pharma?

The Obama administration wants to encourage the growth of accountable care organizations (ACOs) as a means of changing the revenue incentives... Read more

Safety Standards Needed for Measuring Liquid Medications

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My wife is a registered nurse and I’m a pharmacist. Working with other health professionals in the Philadelphia area, we founded the... Read more

Medicaid Deserves More Respect

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If you’re on Medicaid and your child needs a pediatric specialist, good luck finding one. You are up to five times less likely to get... Read more

Faulty Clinical Trials Just Symptomatic of a Bigger Social Problem

Last week pharma blogger Ed Silverman interviewed former NPR reporter Snigdha Prakash about her new book, ‘All The Justice Money Can... Read more

Angeliq drug samples mistakenly provided as birth control pills

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Most people are thankful when they leave the doctor’s office with samples of a newly prescribed medication. When your doctor wants you... Read more