How to deal with hearing loss in young children

My parents used to think I was just a loud, boisterous kid, which I’m sure was true. But there was something else going on. One day... Read more

Errors can happen with pharmacy's automatic drug refill service

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If you have a prescription filled regularly for a chronic condition like high blood pressure or diabetes, it’s likely you will be asked... Read more

Cutting Needless Health Care Costs Should be a No Brainer

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Doctors sometimes do dumb things. Like ordering antibiotics that are certain to be ineffective. Or prescribing expensive brand name drugs when... Read more

The Time for Pharma to Create a New Business Model is Now

There was a time when pharma was considered a recession-proof industry and mothers encouraged their children to make careers there because... Read more

ISMP QuarterWatch highlights safety issues with Chantix, Seroquel and Victoza

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Since 2008, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) has published QuarterWatch, a program that allows us to look at medication errors... Read more

More and More, Women are Opting to Have their Babies at Home

Some trends are harder to explain than others. Home births, for example. They are increasing. A century ago, most babies in the United States... Read more

Is Medicare Going Bankrupt? Not Really

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Medicare will go bankrupt in seven years unless drastic changes are made. So we were warned – in 1969. Experts pegged the countdown... Read more

Separating Health Care from Public Health Not the Way to Go

Robert Field's Check Up posting last week made a good point by arguing that cutting the budgets of the Centers for Disease Control and other... Read more