Check Up Archive: March, 2012

Is health reform on the constitutional ropes?

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After the arguments before the Supreme Court this week, is health reform on life support? Unless the court issues a sweeping ruling that... Read more

Some drugs in short supply are trashed unnecessarily

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Despite the severe prescription drug shortage that’s been sweeping the nation over the last year, the results of a national survey released... Read more

Misleading on health insurance premiums

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By Lori Robertson, Both the Republican National Committee and the Obama administration are making misleading claims about health... Read more

Sanofi sketches a mid-range strategy for some pharmas

Never more than five years behind the conventional wisdom, an expensive consultancy last week issued the results of a humdrum survey in which... Read more

It’s health reform’s birthday. Should we celebrate?

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The Affordable Care Act turns two today. That makes this a good time to take stock. Who should be celebrating? A lot of people. Like the... Read more

Pharma needs truth tellers, not preferred vendors

Karen Tibbals worked for many years as a market researcher for some large pharma companies. She recently left pharma and marketing research... Read more

Time to fix the drug shortage crisis

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Over the past two years, our country has been dealing with the worst drug shortage situation I have seen in over 40 years of practicing pharmacy... Read more

Some medical insight into Chase Utley's balky knees

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When Chase Utley left Phillies camp Monday to see a specialist for his chronically injured knees, it raised questions about his short- and... Read more