Check Up Archive: December, 2011

How health reform is faring in the states: A public event

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The health care overhaul law passed by Congress in 2010 sets out national goals and requirements. But many of the key decisions implementing... Read more

Look-alike drug names can lead to medication errors

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Without a doubt, one of the most common types of medication errors we hear about is when a patient gets the wrong drug. And one of the leading... Read more

Donald Berwick’s departure as Head of Medicare is a loss for the country

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Imagine a doctor who has saved over 120,000 lives. His knowledge is so highly valued that over 3,000 hospitals have sought his advice. Experts... Read more

Outsourcing, Partnering Sound Sexy But Won't Cure Pharma

Another consulting group chimed in last week to specify how pharma's declining ability to launch new drugs has hurt the industry's financial... Read more

Is it safer to use mail order or your local pharmacy?

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Is there a real difference between mail order pharmacies and community pharmacies when it comes to patient safety? It’s a question that’s... Read more

Health Reform is Still Shrouded in Myths

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Derivatives, credit default swaps, and health reform. Few people seem to really understand any of them. Congress passed the health reform... Read more

Nurses face an epidemic of violence in hospitals

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An Alabama ER nurse, Tammy Mathews, was working a late-night shift when an intoxicated and medicated patient grabbed her around the neck, choked... Read more