A Neglected Part Drug Development Gets New Attention

At Goldman-Sachs' health care conference last week, Merck CEO Ken Frazier said that his company would stock a higher proportion of its late-stage... Read more

Reusing insulin pens can spread infections

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For the millions of diabetics who inject insulin, drug manufacturers heavily promote the use of insulin “pens.” These small... Read more

A New Year’s Surprise: Medicare Spending is Slowing on Its Own

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Here’s some good news to start the New Year. Without any major change in its structure, Medicare’s spending growth has started... Read more

In a Big Year for Autism Research, Penn Findings are Cited

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The year 2011 was a big one for autism research, with major findings that non-genetic factors play a larger role in who develops the disorder... Read more

Durezol and Durasal - how two drugs can be easily confused

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You may have read in The Inquirer about a health professional alert that FDA sent last week about potential injury due to look-alike/sound-alike... Read more