Hepatitis C is top infectious disease killer

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Deaths related to hepatitis C infection are at an all-time high, exceeding mortality from 60 other infectious diseases – including HIV... Read more

Did an overdose kill Prince? Connecting a few dots

So, what's a "save shot"? We hadn't seen the phrase until we read it in a TMZ item speculating on what might have killed music icon Prince... Read more

Medical mystery: Burning eyes at cheerleading event

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The first two patients came in around midnight, both with burning eyes and trouble seeing. The two didn't know each other, but emergency department... Read more

Virtua team: Pricey new drug no better than old one for knee surgery pain

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A relatively new, brand-name drug was about as effective as a long-available generic at relieving pain after knee replacement despite costing... Read more

Survey: Most Pennsylvanians can get to a doctor when they need to

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Nearly half of Pennsylvanians said in a new survey that their out-of-pocket costs and copays for health care have remained the same over the... Read more

Size matters: Try these proven tips to cut portions, calories

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It seems so simple: Serve people bigger portions, or use bigger plates, and they’ll consume more. Evidence that size matters –... Read more