Vaccine information when you need it is the most comprehensive offering I’ve seen for patients and families interested in getting accurate, scientific, up-to-date information about immunizations. It’s like a one-stop shop for learning about diseases and how they can be prevented by vaccination.

The website provides basic information about vaccines, such as how they work, their importance, and the resources you can trust for information, including the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. There’s a vaccine safety section and there’s even a tool to help you find where to get vaccinated. A “Disease” section provides useful information about preventable diseases and their associated vaccines.

The main feature on the website provides details about needed vaccines arranged by age group, for infants and children, preteens, teens, and adults. You’ll get an explanation about the significance of each when you click on it and there are personal testimonies of suffering and loss due to associated preventable diseases.  There’s also asearchable collection of videos and public service announcements that can be accessed for each age group.

A “frequently asked questions” section provides answers ranging from paying for vaccines to how to get information about vaccination prior to international travel.

The host of is theImmunization Action Coalition (IAC),a non-profit group that’s well known to healthcare practitioners as a national leader in vaccine education. IAC recently re-launchedthe website to help the public get the information they need about vaccines, so I wanted to mention it in my blog.  Both health professionals and the public will definitely benefit from this resource.