NJ abortion doctor responds to charges

Stephen Chase Brigham's company, American Women's Services, has headquarters and one of its six New Jersey clinics at 1 Alpha Ave., Voorhees.

New Jersey abortion doctor Steven Brigham, 54, responded to charges by New Jersey and Maryland on Friday. In legal filings, Brigam said that neither state had grounds to discipline him for medical negligence or misconduct, Inquirer staff writer Marie McCullough reported in Saturday’s newspaper.

Brigham who has been charged in New Jersey with improperly initiating late-term abortions at his Voorhees clinic before transporting the patients to another clinic he owned in Maryland where the procedures were completed. Maryland charged him with practicing medicine without a license.

The doctor, who runs a chain of abortion clinics in New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia, contends that New Jersey cannot discipline him because it had exonerated him from similar charges in the 1990s and he is simply doing now what he did then. In his response to the state of Maryland, Brigham said he was not practicing medicine there, only “consulting” on cases.

New Jersey Deputy Attorney General Jeri Warhaftig, who is leading the current prosecution, said in a legal response, that the earlier ruling exonerating the doctor “did not relieve [Brigham] of the burden of exercising good medical judgment or the obligation to play by the rules.”

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