Don’t confuse WartSTICK with lip balm!

Many people are familiar with over-the-counter wart treatments. They're typically available in small bottles of a liquid with an applicator or are packaged in an aerosol container with a special application tip. But did you know there is also a wart remover that uses a formulation in the form of a solid-stick?

Within the last year a company called Balassa Laboratories has repackaged an old formula of a waxy, solid stick wart remover (previously packaged under the trademark PediFix). The newly packaged product, called WartSTICK, is now available at popular chain pharmacies such as CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens. Our concern? It looks identical to a lip balm applicator. Since the active ingredient in WartSTICK is salicylic acid 40%, it shouldn’t come be applied to the lips or reach mucous membranes inside your mouth. Even when applied to warts the manufacturer recommends washing it off nearby normal skin.

If you purchased WartSTICK, take precautions to avoid accidently mixing up this product with a lip balm. Beware that this product does not come in a child proof container, so always keep WartSTICK away from a child's reach.

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