Why the Federal Government Spends so Much on Medicare

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Medicare is going broke. Everyone agrees. Spending is rising at almost 8% a year, and the annual budget is now over half a trillion dollars... Read more

Pharma Beset by Demons From Without and Within

Last week the pharmaceutical industry's largest supplier of retrospective marketing data, IMS Health, presented its annual scorecard for 2010... Read more

OTC benzocaine products can cause fatal blood disorder

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Earlier this month, the US Food and Drug Administration warned the public about a rare blood disorder associated with benzocaine, available... Read more

With overdoses soaring, here's a way to save lives: Give back your prescription drugs

Habits that wreak havoc with your health — eating too much sugar, getting too little sleep — can be hard to break, and other people... Read more

Now It’s Democrats Attacking Obama on Health Care

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The last thing President Obama needs is more opposition on health care. Especially from his own party, let alone from its liberal wing. But... Read more

A New Role for the Business Research Function in Pharma

The principal purposes of pharma's business staff functions have remained intact for generations. Marketing research, for example, assesses... Read more

Antibiotic resistance – you’d better do your part

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Antibiotics are a group of medicines used to treat infections caused by bacteria. For example, doctors prescribe antibiotics to treat a child... Read more

Can Obama Save Medicare?

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President Obama thinks he can save Medicare from spiraling costs. Can he succeed? His approach contrasts starkly with the one that Congressman... Read more