Check Up Archive: March, 2011

Some stories I want to critique

When I first started these weekly postings, my editor (who left the Inquirer last year) diligently sought to organize my prolix writing. "What's... Read more

FDA reverses course on Makena, a costly drug for pre-term pregancies

On Wednesday, U.S. officials said they won’t stop special pharmacies from making a cheaper version of a new expensive drug called Makena... Read more

High lead levels found in five ceramic items from Philadelphia's Chinatown

Five pieces of ceramic kitchenware purchased in Chinatown contained levels of lead many times higher than the legal limit, according to an... Read more

When people buy drugs from Walmart, the Internet, & a pharmacy, harm can result

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In last week’s blog I wrote about the problems that hospital staff often has in getting an accurate list of medications from patients... Read more

Happy Birthday Obamacare

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Health reform turned one year old this week. It has certainly been a difficult year. Legal challenges, repeal efforts, and charges that it... Read more

Some Powerful Trends Could End Kickbacks in Pharma

Pharma and other health care manufacturing sectors have been furiously trying to forecast how Obamacare and other changes in the environment... Read more

Who’s looking out for your safety when hospitalized? How about you?

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I had the opportunity to spend a day at Abington Memorial Hospital last week as part of a special program held each year to recognize staff... Read more

Could genes + neighborhood = dementia?

The long-simmering “nature” vs. “nurture” debate was settled decades ago in a draw. Biology and environment both matter... Read more