Check Up Archive: May, 2011

How a breast cancer drug can get confused with one that worsens the condition

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Handwritten prescriptions combined with look-alike drug names are among the most risky conditions associated with medication use. Running closely... Read more

For Mitt Romney, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

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Pity poor Mitt Romney. His signature accomplishment as governor of Massachusetts is now his albatross. Try as he might, he just can’t... Read more

Will reconfiguring big pharma research revive the drug sector?

Postings in the blogosphere during recent weeks have discussed changing the organization of Big Pharma companies to increase drug development... Read more

Improve the packaging of narcotics and sedatives to help reduce prescription drug abuse

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By Michael R. Cohen, President Institute for Safe Medication Practices Although it’s not within our purview as a federally certified... Read more

Don’t Cut Public Health – It’s Saving Our Lives

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Do you know anyone who died because they drank a cup of water? If you live in America, probably not. But hundreds around the globe die every... Read more

How Pharma Can Improve Its Public Image

In a 2007 survey, the public rated the pharmaceutical industry less favorably than IT, electronic goods, food & beverages, waste collection/recycling... Read more

To prevent medication errors, trust but verify

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One of the benefits of consumers seeking to become more informed about their health care is that many of them have also stepped up efforts... Read more