Hawks Continue Road Woes

It’s been the recent story of St. Joseph’s, follow up a big win with a disappointing loss. After beating first place team Dayton at home on Wednesday, the Hawks lost 78-60 at Temple in a game they trailed by 28 points with under four minutes remaining.

So this is no revelation, that for St. Joseph’s to be a competitive team, the Hawks have to pick it up on the road.

St. Joseph’s is 13-9 overall, 3-4 in the A-10 and 2-7 on the road. The road wins have been opening night at Western Kentucky and an overtime victory at Duquesne, a team with an almost identical record (12-9, 3-4 A-10).

And what is interesting is that the Hawks visit yet another team on Wednesday with a near similar record, Richmond (12-10, 3-4).

There is so much parity in the A-10 that nobody can yet be counted out of earning a berth to the conference tournament,

And the remaining schedule doesn’t include any lock wins, or conversely any team that St. Joseph’s can’t beat (including Temple, Feb. 25 at Hagan Arena).

It appeared as if the win over Dayton had gotten the Hawks out of their funk. Even if they went to Temple and lost a close game, it wouldn’t be as bad, but now coach Phil Martelli has to pick his team up emotionally and convince them that they can compete with the best in the league.

He also has to convince them that they can win on the road.

One of the keys will be getting junior guard Carl Jones on track. In three of his last four games, he has failed to score in double figures.

We know he’s had a bum ankle, but if he’s on the court, then the production has to be expected.

Either way, there are no easy games left for the Hawks home or on the road. Right now, time is running out in an attempt to gain the consistency that was so apparent in the beginning of the season but has been lacking as of late.