Editor, writer and style icon Anna Piaggi has died

Legendary editor, writer and style icon Anna Piaggi has passed away, Italian newspaper La Repubblica confirmed Tuesday morning. The news of her death gained steam after designer Stefano Gabbanna tweeted, "RIP Anna Piaggi… :((((( ciao grande Anna!!!"

Piaggi's fascination with fashion started in the '60s when she signed on to become a writer for Ariadne, Italy's first women's magazine. She went on to contribute to Italian Vogue and numerous other fashion publications, but it was her sense of style that clearly stood out to the community.

Italian fashion writer Anna Piaggi attends the Missoni Spring-Summer 2011 fashion collection, during the fashion week in Milan, Italy, Sunday, Sept. 26, 2010. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno)

Her approach to dressing was exemplified through her favorite saying: "It's all in the mix." The Sartorialist's Scott Schumann photographed her in 2009 with an accompanying caption that read, "I know she is a little over dramatic, but every time I see Anna Piaggi she forces me to really consider her mix of patterns, colors and genres – I love that. She is a true, modern Style Icon."

Countless other authorities and experts in fashion would agree. Legendary street style photographer Bill Cunningham praised her in this 1994 Times piece, where he calls her "one in 10 million" adding that her eccentric choices were "definitely outside fashion." Karl Lagerfeld, who's sketched her since the '70s, cited Piaggi as his source for inspiration. Lagerfeld told Cunningham, "She dresses the way one plays a role. She's a great performer, but she is also the author of the play."

What are your favorite memories of Piaggi?