Wear Uggs, get detention at local middle school

Here's an easy way to wind up in detention for students of one local middle school: Wear Uggs.

The "open-top" boot ban at Pottstown Middle School officially went into effect this morning, and if any defiant students "forgot" to switch their shoes before entering homeroom, they were handed detention slips.

District Director of Community Relations John Armato told Reuters that any subsequent violations would lead to two detentions. It gets worse: Do it three times and administrators will confiscate phones.

Do you agree with the school's ban on UGGs and "open-top" boots?

  • 103 (18.8%)
  • 433 (78.9%)
  • 13 (2.4%)
  • 549

GASP. What we cannot seem to grasp is why teachers and administrators could not confiscate disobedient students' phones in the first place. The whole situation has left parents and students baffled, and an Ugg spokeswoman told us last week that the ban "seems arbitrary."

The school's student handbook already states that cell phones are forbidden in class, which leaves us to wonder: Are Uggs really the root of the problem? Vote in our poll.

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