Vuitton train at show reportedly cost $8M

Model Kel Markey walked in a number of Autumn Winter 2013 collection shows in Paris last week. In an interview published on Tuesday in WWD, Markey discussed her eyebrows and the highlights of her runway season, which included walking in the Louis Vuitton show.

According to Markey, the LV train that carried the models to the runway reportedly cost a whopping $8 million! Say it ain't so. After all, she's no authority on the actual numbers behind the production of the show.

However, WWD added that the company neither confirmed nor denied that number. Suspect, if you ask us.

She added, "You think they’d do bare-bones since only us models would see it, but it was really nice upholstery and luggage racks and all this beautiful wood paneling. I guess when Marc does things, he does them perfectly."

Well to mostly everyone else- in and out of the fashion bubble, it sounds super excessive. We wonder if this train will be available for boarding at a pending museum exhibit in the near future? We hope it's put to good use, because it would be such a waste if the rumored $8 million train just sits at some platform.

View it below and read her full interview here.