Ugg spokeswoman on school ban: 'Seems arbitrary'

Red Uggs have become a phenomena in Philadelphia, especially with the Phillies in the playoffs. (Photo courtesy of UGG Australia)

On Friday, the umbrella company of UGG Australia chimed in on the debate over the ban stating that the entire situation seemed "arbitrary."

Errin Cecil-Smith, Director of Communications of Deckers Outdoor Corporation, told us over the phone, "We think kids should be able to dress however they want as long as its school appropriate."

For school administrators to solely target Uggs "seems arbitrary," she continued. "Kids can hide their cell phones in their sweatshirts, backpacks..."

Many seem to agree, including Daily News columnist Ronnie Polaneczky, who wrote a post Friday pointing out the various ways students can smuggle phones into classrooms, titled, "Why stop with Uggs? Why not bras, too?"

After all, students will always find ways to smuggle contraband into class, placing cell phones and other forbidden goods in jean pockets, pencil cases and bras. However, the letter sent home with Pottstown Middle School students on Wednesday only bans "outdoor, open top boots."

So the question remains: Will banning Uggs resolve this issue? What are your thoughts? Vote in our poll.


Do you agree with the school's ban on UGGs and "open-top" boots?

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