Gossip Girl goes to Hollywood

The best-dressed cast on television returns tonight at 9 p.m.

In the Season 5 opener, the location shifts from the Upper East Side and the cast goes West- Coast, that is. And where else would it be most appropriate to feature this stunning group than Hollywood? The premiere episode titled, "Yes, Then Zero," picks up from last season's shocking finale. Here's what to expect tonight:

The newly engaged Blair Waldorf is transitioning from her posh penthouse lifestyle to planning her royal wedding. However, like most princesses learn, there are responsibilities, lessons, and potentially painful encounters with future in-laws that come with aristocracy. Meanwhile, Serena, who traveled to Los Angeles to visit her grandmother, finds a job working on a Tinseltown set. We foresee a potential romantic plot develop between van der Woodsen and her producer boss.

As usual, Nate meets a woman named Donna (played by Elizabeth Hurley) at a party he attends with Chuck and Serena. We don't know what it is with Archibald and these older women, but as expected, he engages in a physically-entangled affair.

It's interesting that so many of these new scenarios are actually common themes that have carried on since the pilot episode in 2006. So, why are people still tuning in to Gossip Girl?

Many viewers tune into this show not for its twisted sequence of events, but primarily for the clothes, the hair, and all things aesthetically-pleasing that these Upper Eastsiders can control, opposite of their dramatic lives. Therefore, an update on what these Gossip Girls (and boys) are wearing will follow after tonight's episode.