Natalie Portman tied the knot in Rodarte

Consider her a lifelong fan.

Natalie Portman, who married her baby-daddy Benjamin Millepied Saturday evening in a moonlit ceremony, reportedly walked down the aisle in a Rodarte gown.

Natalie Portman in a Rodarte gown and Tiffany jewels. A winner with a baby-bump glow. From Twitter: "I'm totally in love with Natalie Portman. Not only beautiful but more importantly she was in STAR WARS!" -@tommcfly

The 31-year-old actress paired her sleeved A-line dress with flats and an adorable floral crown to offset her veil. So far, what's confirmed of the nuptials is that the ceremony took place in Big Sur, California. Guests included Ivanka Trump and her hubby Jared Cushner, and the press-evading Macaulay Culkin of Home Alone fame.

Since her Black Swan days- or more like year considering the film won her an Oscar- Portman has shown favoritism towards Rodarte, wearing the label to multiple red carpet events. Portman's fascination with the Mulleavy sisters became transparent after she personally interviewed the designer duo in 2008 for Interview Magazine. In 2010, Rodarte exclusively designed the costumes for The Black Swan.