Model sues Abercrombie & Fitch

Most twenty-somethings would agree that the Fierce-filled days of frequenting Abercrombie & Fitch locations across the region have faded into our teenage dreams. However, if you've stopped by a store recently, you may have noticed that the preppy all-American brand has revved up its sexual appetite. Considerably.

With the increased presence of risque ads splayed across its store entrances and bags, A&F has sparked controversy among parents who largely feel that the retailer is promoting a message that's inappropriate for teens. Keep in mind: This has always been in the case for the retailer. Just last summer, A&F corporate faced a tremendous amount of backlash after Fox News reported that its childrenswear brand abercombie was selling padded bikinis to young girls. Then, remember this $4 million Situation in August?

Now, the already-troubled retailer faces another internal scandal.

On Friday, Abercrombie & Fitch was slapped with a $1 million lawsuit from one of its models, according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ. Former company employee Benjamine Bowers, who claims that A&F's casting director referred him to modeling agent Brian Hilburn, is disgruntled over a personal experience directly related to the referral. The claim details how Hilburn flew Bowers out to Mississippi, where the agent persuaded the model to strip down and masturbate so that the photographer could achieve more "relaxed" images. Hilburn then exposed himself and crudely commented on the size of their genitals. TMZ says Benjamine "feels used."

For those unfamiliar with A&F's modeling protocol, the brand's faces are selected from real-life, in-store floor models. And they thought they could deflect our attention from the suit with this video which was coincidentally released last week. (See below)