Model fires back, wins lawsuit against agency

So, get this: The 2008 victor of Holland's version of "America's Next Top Model" has won a lawsuit against the agency that violated the terms of her contract. The reason for the suit?

Amanda Marchildon was supposedly dropped for having hips that were too large, reports the Associated Press. According to the claim, the model was certain she was let go by Elite agency because she didn't lose enough weight to sustain the contract.

Netherlands Model Lawsuit
This photo provided by Sloggi on Wednesday, March 7, 2012 shows Ananda Marchildon posing. (AP Photo/Sloggi)

In a court ruling Wednesday, the Amsterdam District Court concluded that Marchildon was indeed entitled to receive what she was promised on the show, awarding her around €65,000 (approximately $85,000) in damages, in addition to interest and legal fees.

The published ruling included a statement saying that Marchildon was under the size constraints when she won, therefore making it unfair for the agency to demand she continue to lose more weight in order to maintain the contract.

In case you were wondering, the agency wanted the 5 foot 11 inch tall model to drop down slightly below a size 2.

In the modeling industry, weight, shape and size demands are common factors to filtering and retaining talent. The purpose of agencies is to meet their clients' needs, therefore these companies only book faces and figures that fit the specific criteria mentioned.

Which leads us to wonder: What are your thoughts on the ruling?