Haute Headlines: 'Made in USA' for White House, Old City shop

White House Pushes 'Made in USA'
The Obama administration has placed the fashion industry squarely in the middle of its initiative to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. (WWD Business)

Old City shop is a salute to the U.S.A.
But in addition to delivering this spring's latest colorful styles, US*U.S. (read Us, U.S.; the star is a reference to the American flag) gives shoppers the satisfaction of knowing their purchase was conceived of and manufactured in Philadelphia. (Inquirer)

Karl Lagerfeld Guest Edits French Architectural Digest
Marie Kalt, editor in chief of the French edition of Architectural Digest, learned a great deal about Karl Lagerfeld when she asked him to guest edit the May issue, which hits most newsstands in France on April 13. For starters, she found out that he once wrote about decorating for a few French magazines under pseudonyms, one being Magnus Dancourt. Why did he choose this name? “Magnus, it’s my middle name. And Dancourt because it’s very French,” he told her in his rapid-fire manner. (WWD)

H&M new chain name confirmed as "& other stories"
While H&M's new retail chain launch remains shrouded in secrecy, the Swedish retailer did confirm April 3 that the upcoming store will have the name "& other stories." (AFP)

Beauty-box subscriptions: High-end cosmetics samples delivered to your door
Customers pay $10 to 20 a month to receive at least five samples of the latest body creams, eye shadows, and hair conditioners, all in a pretty little box. (Inquirer)