Flash mob robs $3,000 worth of denim from Chicago store

Philly has long dealt with its unwanted share of flash mobs, resulting in a dramatic increase in security, particularly along retail-heavy streets.

The following account did not take place in our city, but it's a warning sign to law enforcement officials that a "flash mobbery" (coined by the Chicago Sun-Times) could occur here, and more importantly to perpetrators that their actions bear consequences.

On Saturday, a group of twenty teens flooded Mildblend Supply Co., a Wicker Park-based fashion boutique, and managed to run off with $3,000 worth of Nudie Jeans. For those unfamiliar with Nudies, the premium denim brand has gained steam recently, riding the free trade, organic craze. And like its fruit and vegetable counterparts, the "100%-organic" jeans are quite costly with prices ranging from $179-299 per pair.

The glee on the theives' faces upon this expensive discovery is hard to miss. And unfortunately for store owner Luke Cho and his employees, their attempt to save the denim is ultimately fruitless. Watch below.