Professional poker player with massive shoe collection Beth Shak sued by ex-husband

Bryn Mawr resident Beth Shak, fondly known as "the lady with a thousand shoes" is facing a hefty lawsuit from her ex-husband.

52-year-old Daniel Shak, a wealthy, hedge-fund manager who filed the lawsuit for a 35 percent portion of his ex-wife's 1,200 pairs of designer heels, claims he knew nothing about the shoes. He believes that his professional poker-playing, former wife amassed her collection of Louboutin and YSL pumps in a secret room, which she kept hidden from her then-husband in their $7.5 million Fifth Avenue apartment.

The two separated three years ago. Beth has since shared her massive collection of soles with numerous media outlets- including the Inquirer and Daily News- also opening up her home to MTV's Cribs. Beth's collection is the largest private collection in the country according to Thierry Daher. Her obsession even landed her in the documentary God Save My Shoes. Her coveted collection includes 700 pairs of Louboutins, and an additional 500 pairs of Jimmy Choos, Lanvin flats, YSL pumps and Manolo Blahnik kitten-toed heels.

Daniel claims he only found out about the existence of her crazy collection of shoes last summer, and has asked a local court for an accounting of her shoes. Beth tells the New York Post which exclusively broke the story Saturday, “He is saying he didn’t know the closet in our master bedroom existed.” In an interview with Good Morning America that ran Monday, Shak smiled and reiterated, "How could I possibly hide these things? It would be ludicrous, it would be insane."

Daniel's response? He tells ABC News, "I take offense at her statement to other media outlets where she says I am claiming to have no knowledge of her master bathroom closet."

In a 2011 interview, Shak said to the Daily News' Jenice Armstrong, "I'm like, I could be collecting cars. Men collect watches. There's plenty of really expensive things that people could collect."

And it appears her ex feels entitled to his portion of her Choos.