'Project Runway' winner Jay McCarroll visits Philadelphia Fashion Incubator

Project Runway Season 1 winner Jay McCarroll stopped by the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator located in Macy's Center City Thursday morning. The purpose of his visit was to speak to the inaugural group of selected designers-in-residence (DIRs).

What advice did McCarroll have to share with the designers?

From left, Melissa D’Agostino, Jay McCarroll, Latifat Obajinmi, Kaitlyn Doherty.

Essentially, he told the group to be grateful for the resources and opportunities they are currently given. He went on to elaborate that despite the industry's complexities, the ultimate payoff is seeing one's ideas produced, executed and shared with others.

Meanwhile, Jay's CEO Gerry Lisman also shared his input on building a business behind a brand. Both Jay and Jerry openly shared the challenges they've faced with recent projects. Elissa Bloom, Executive Director of the Incubator, shared, "the overall thread of the dialogue was 'things take time.'" In that time, she added, the most significant question to consider is- "how exactly does a designer stay relevant."

McCarroll currently teaches at Philadelphia University.

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