Billionaire husband of Vogue editor pleads guilty to fleeing accident scene

On Monday, "billion-heir" Andres Santo Domingo pleaded guilty to a March 2011 incident where he hit a 26-year-old college student, ran over his foot, then drove away in his black Mercedes-Benz, reports the NY Post.

By pleading guilty, Santo Domingo gave the victim Ryan Coutu and his legal team momentum in their $100 million suit against the heir. Andres is the heir to a Colombian brewery and son of the country's second richest man. He is also the husband of Vogue contributing editor Lauren Santo Domingo (previously known as Lauren Davis), who is also the founder of and is currently carrying Santo-Domingo's second child.

The Post reports that Santo Domingo will need to do six days of community service and is forbidden to drive for 90 days. Coutu released a statement which read,

"After having to endure surgery and spending over 100 days in physical therapy it does seem unfair that the criminal only gets six days community service, but at least he finally admitted to what he did. Sentencing is the judge's job -- my job is only to get better. Hopefully he won't plow anyone else down."

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