Beckham says watching his ad was 'embarrassing'

Beckham, bashful?

Apparently the British soccer star blushed when his 30-second David Beckham Bodywear for H&M ad debuted in the 2nd quarter of the Super Bowl.

This undated photo provided by H&M shows a look from the new collection created and modeled by David Beckham. Evolving trends in fashion are having an effect on undergarment styles offered by brands such as A/X Armani Exchange and H&M. (AP Photo/H&M, Alasdair McLellan)

He told Ryan Seacrest on Monday: "I'm very shy. Yesterday, when we were watching the Super Bowl in a room of about 20 people, it came on and I actually didn't know where to look. It was kind of embarrassing."

When asked what the little Beckhams thought, he laughed and responded, "The kids loved it but they were also embarrassed as well because there was other people in the room."

On the overall partnership, Beckham had only positive things to say, as he explained the origins of the line. The idea of creating an underwear line came to mind after his successes as an Armani underwear model. "I thought, I love underwear," he said.

Together, he and Simon Fuller funded the line, released the advertising campaign, then H&M saw an opportunity in partnering with Beckham. They told him that they could put his line in 1,800 H&M stores worldwide.

Seacrest asked him what makes the "right" underwear. Beckham responded, "It has to fit right, it has to look right, because whoever's gonna see it is gonna want to look at something nice. Comfort's very important."

At his launch press conference in London last Thursday, Beckham told reporters, "I want to be as big as Calvin Klein, to achieve something like that."

Did you miss it? Watch here.