Zahia Dehar capitalizes on notoriety at Paris Couture Week

Once upon a time- or more like several years ago- an underage call girl named Zahia Dehar found herself embroiled in scandal. At the age of 16, Zahia had a rendezvous with France's star soccer player Franck Ribery who was 28 at the time. One year after the encounter, Ribery's fellow athletes Sidney Govou and Karim Benzema allegedly paid the teen prostitute large sums of money in exchange for sex. When faced with the accusations, Ribery admitted to sleeping with Dehar insisting he did not know her age at the time. Charges against the three elite European soccer stars were dropped, although disgrace still lingers over their heads.

Capitalizing on her sudden infamy, Dehar went on to cover Vanity Fair Italia and V Magazine. Her interests in fashion bubbled over to the design realm, as the infamous sex symbol decided to start her own lingerie line financially backed by Hong Kong-based fun First Mark Investments. Karl Lagerfeld shot the official photos for her press kit, although her first show revealed how inexperienced Dehar was in the industry.

On Monday evening, at age 20, Zahia Dehar revealed her second lingerie collection at Paris Couture Week. So what are your thoughts on attempt No. 2: Tasteful or tacky?