A Commonwealth Confidential Exclusive: Gov. Rendell got a case of crabs from his Florida counterpart


We here at Commonwealth Confidential are not above posting any news item, especially if it lends itself to such a rare double entendre headline.

Making good on his World Series wager, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist this week shipped Rendell a case of stone crab claws and some Sunshine State oranges. Rendell had put up a Philly cheesesteak and soft pretzels. But thanks to the Phillies, he never had to pay up.

Typically, when Rendell wins such food bets with fellow pols, he donates the proceeds to a Harrisburg homeless shelter. But there has been no such decision on the crabs, acknowledged press secretary Chuck Ardo.

Perhaps the governor wants to avoid another headline: Rendell gives crabs to homeless.


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